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Aromatic Cedar Wood Blocks (12ea)

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Price: $20.00
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Prod. Code: CEDBLKS15

  • Consists of twelve (12) aromatic cedar blocks

  • Guaranteed fresh, sanded, surfaces to give you maximum enjoyment and effectiveness

  • Protect yourself and your family by avoiding the hazards and odor of chemical moth balls while enjoying the delightful fragrance of Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar

  • Put the natural ability to repel insects and mildew to work for you. Use for safe storage of fabric and paper items. Place in dresser drawers, under seat cushions, or place in storage boxes, luggage, and shoes.

  • High moisture absorbency so you get added protection for items

  • Aromatic Cedar Blocks are recommended over Aromatic Cedar Balls, Cubes and our other small shapes in areas where small children may frequent, to avoid potential choking hazards. All Aromatic Cedar products are recommended over chemical Moth Balls and are environmentally friendly.

SFC: Sustainable Furniture Council

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