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Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Set

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Price: $15.00
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Prod. Code: LXLSET15

  • Kit includes: Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner & Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

  • Leather care just got a lot easier with Lexol Quick-Wipes Cleaner and Conditioner. You can take two great Lexol products with you wherever you go without leaky bottles or extra rags. The pop-top containers keep the pre-moistened towelettes inside until you’re ready to use them.

  • Lexol Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner are formulated to yield the best results when used together. Experts recommend cleaning the leather to remove surface pollutants before conditioning and protecting. Lexol has made this process so simple it’s literally fool-proof. The wipes are laden with the precise amount needed to complete the job.

  • 25 count Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner

    Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner safely and effectively lifts away dirt and foreign particles to reveal like-new leather. Its pH-balanced formula is compatible with leather so it will not contribute to deterioration. Lexol Leather Cleaner is combined with purified water, premixed and added to a newly available towelette from DuPont. These individual towels are incredibly strong, able to stand up to tough jobs, absorbent, and hold more solution than conventional wipes.

    Lexol Leather Cleaner easily soaks into the internal fibers. It contains no petroleum solvents or silicones that can be harmful to leather and to you. It is environmentally safe and non-flammable. And nothing works better to lift out dirt and wipe it away.

    Keep these at hand for accidents, smudges and spills. But they’re also perfect for thorough cleanings and for prepping your leather for Lexol Leather Conditioner.

  • 25 count Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

    Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditionercompletes your leather conditioning and protecting job. They are the perfect solution for the busy people who also enjoy fine leather. Leather experts suggest conditioning every one to three months, so you want to make that process as fast and easy as possible without sacrificing results.

    The Lexol Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes dispense the exact amount of product without over-drenching your leather. The Conditioner nourishes the leather with appropriate lubricants to keep internal fibers soft and flexible. After using Lexol Leather Conditioner in the quick wipe form, you will be satisfied with the supple, non-greasy, and inviting feel. Replenishing oils will not migrate to the surface to attract dirt and stain clothes. The finish is a beautiful, rich glow without greasiness or artificial shine.

    To clean and preserve your leather, just wipe the surface with Lexol Quick-Wipes Cleaner. It will dry almost instantly. Follow with a Lexol Quick-Wipes Conditioner towelette and you’re done. No buffing and no mess.

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